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About us


For the animals!,

society for assertion of animal rights


All members of the society are bound to moral equality of all self-aware beings. We are against the superiority of individual groups that is derived from arbitrary characteristics like species, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. We are convinced that the understanding and the practice of justice must not be limited to the human sphere only, because the chains of violence are interconnected. We want to break them, and that is why we advocate and practice the principles of non-violence, categorical justice, and ethical veganism.


We advocate the change of fundamental moral norm that it is morally acceptable to use animals for human purposes: we are re-examining the use of animals by itself, the social and political system that enables this use, the position of humans and other animals in this system. We point to the social relations of power through which animals are represented as unsurmountably different as human beings, the dominant species.


 We stand for:
 1. acknowledging inherent value of nonhuman animals
 2. rejection of the property status of animals
 3. equal consideration of animals
 4. confirmation of the status of animals as persons and their equal membership in the moral community
5. confirmation of human obligations of categorical justice towards animals on the basis that animals are beings of self awareness and that life matters to them
6. creation of community not based only on mutual rights and obligations, but one where we will voluntarily limit our wishes with the respect of the needs of other beings who are not capable of demanding their own rights